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3.5m x 3m Freestanding Fabric Backdrop Package

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Only supports a few types. Maximum file size: 98 MB

Product Description

This 3.5m x 3m freestanding backdrop package is suitable for use when hanging a conventional backdrop is not possible. The system comprises of a telescopic stand system and a fabric backdrop finished to fit the stand.

The telescopic stand system is fully adjustable up to 3.5m x 3m. The system folds down into a black carry back, and can be assembled in under 5 minutes. It uses a goalpost design with two upright tripod bases and an adjustable crossbar.

The backdrop is tailored to fit the stand, and available in a material of your choice. It has a sleeve along the top for the stand crossbar, and fabric ties down the sides to fix it to the stand.


This is our most popular backdrop material. Thanks to the tight weave of the fabric we can achieve dense, vivid colours and deep blacks. This mid-weight polyester based material ticks all the boxes - easy to store and transport, tough, hardwearing, and looks fabulous.

If you're after a little more texture than our smooth Fabric material Canvas may just be your answer. The more natural, textile feel means this polyester based Canvas material oozes quality. A tiny amount of the colour density and detail is lost in the looser weave, but what's lost there is gained in the classy, super tough finish.

Be careful not to overshadow your band with our super showy gloss Satin material. Light it properly and the ripples and folds give a truly silky luxurious texture. Just make sure it fits your rock 'n roll image though! Due to the satin finish darker colours will lighten - this material works best with bright reds, greens and blues.

Speaker Scrim
Why have boring black amp cabs when you can express yourself in print? Our acoustic scrim looks great and doesn't mute your sound. Whether you're covering a 15ft speaker stack or a 1X12" guitar cab this is the material for the job. Works great on our Jackstands as well, for freestanding amp covers.



When you're printing at these kind of sizes it's important to get the highest quality artwork - don't worry though, if your image isn't up to scratch we'll work with you to fix it. Here's our recommended specs, and some top tips:

  • Files should be supplied in pdf, eps, ai, psd, tif, or jpg format. These are in order of preference.
  • Artwork should be supplied at actual size. The larger you go the harder this is going to be, so you can start reducing resolution.
  • Artwork is best supplied as a vector. If you are supplying a bitmap file the ideal resolution is 150dpi. If you are designing a larger backdrop this can be reduced as the size increases.
  • Files should always be supplied in CMYK colour mode.
  • Fabric is sympathetic to image quality, and backdrops are usually viewed from a distance. Our print quality is superb, but don't lose too much sleep if you can't achieve the file size you were hoping for.
  • Our maximum image upload is 100mb. If your file size is larger upload a low-res preview, and transfer the full res file via wetransfer.com
  • In vector always convert fonts to curves.
  • For high-res stock imagery at reasonable prices try fotolia.co.uk. Always shoot for the XXL or V file sizes.


Standard turnaround on this backdrop is 5-7 working days.

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